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Category: How to Find the Best CrossFit Shoes for Men

crossfit shoes for menAs a CrossFitter, there really isn’t a more important piece of equipment than your shoes. They’re with you during all of your workouts and take the most punishment. It’s essential to choose something that will give you the best performance across the wide variety of training exercises that CrossFitting has to offer. There are a few things you should look for when selecting the CrossFit shoes for men.

Comfort and Fit

You don’t want your shoe to distract you from your workouts. A good shoe should be one that you don’t even notice you’re wearing. An uncomfortable shoe will throw you off and you won’t be able get the most out of your training. Some shoes have wide toe boxes and others have lots of padding. The only way to know what’s best for you is your personal preference but something that lets you feel the ground very well is recommended. If you’re not able to try them on, take a look at some of our reviews to see what we think about all of the different brands.


CrossFit training is hard on shoes so you need something that will last. It’s tempting to go for something cheap but you’ll end up spending more in the long run when your shoes can’t hold up to the challenge. For double unders, you’ll want something with added protection on the upper toe. Many shoes offer a protective mesh to absorb some of the impact from the jump rope if you happen to miss, which also takes away a lot of the sting you’ll feel with an unprotected shoe. Also look for added protection on the inner side of the shoe you would use to grip a rope. Ropes cause a lot of friction and can be devastating to a shoe without a little something extra in that spot.

Heel Elevation

Also referred to as “heel to toe drop”, the best CrossFit shoes for men are nearly flat. This means that your heel is just as close to the ground as your toes. Consider going with a small elevation to help with weightlifting exercises but the lower the drop the better it is for running and many other activities. There are many other factors to consider when choosing the best cross training shoes men can buy, we get into those deeper with our reviews on specific shoes so check them out.

Before we get to the gender-related specifics, there are some shoes that can be used by both men and women. These are the best CrossFit shoes that both men and women often refer to.

New balance MX797VSNew Balance MX797V2 : These CrossFit shoes are highly recommended for beginners, making the transition for those who are used to playing tennis or running around the block to the more intense and diverse kind of exercise that CrossFit provides. They provide stability and comfort, while designed to be protective in such a way that they make allowance for the mistakes that beginners are expected to make while doing CrossFit. In short, your feet won’t suffer the impact if you make a wrong turn or jump the wrong way. That’s comforting thought for beginners.

Inov-8 BARE XF 20Inov-8 BARE XF 20: The Inov has the distinction of being one of the first CrossFit shoes designed for the exercise. It turned out to be among the long-lasting and most endurable of many brands. They protect your feet from being sore, or suffering blisters. They also keep your feet dry even though your entire body is sweating. The leanest outsoles ever found in any pair of shoes also keep the air moving within your feet inside these shoes, maintaining comfort and regular blood circulation.

Nike Free 5.0 V6Nike Free 5;0 V6: This is said to be among the top-of-the-line CrossFit shoe for anyone, men and/or women. They are sturdy and strong, and the materials are chosen and put together to last and endure for any combination of CrossFit exercise done for a protracted period of time. Your toes are particularly protected, and a special wiring within the shoe wraps around your feet with an even protective layer while enhancing the comfort factor.

Our Thoughts on the Best CrossFit shoes for men

Reebok Nano 5.0Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0: This has been fondly referred to as the CrossFit shoes for superhero as the Kevlar makes it almost indestructible while infusing an ounce of super strength into the material. What is outstanding is that, for all of the super status accorded this shoe, wearing it is very comfortable, making movement light, manageable and even fun.

Nike Metcon 1Nike Metcon 1: The robustness it provides places this brand on the ‘highly recommended’ list. Men can feel the power flowing from their heels as they sprint and run, while they take comfort knowing that the durability of the shoes affords extra layers of protection. Nike Metcon 1 lasts longer than most CrossFit shoes for men, making it even more attractive for those who want to maximize each cent.


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