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CrossFit – it’s the rage these days for both men and women who are physically conscious, are keen on developing their health, want to look good and attractive, and yes, shape up and burn those calories at the soonest possible time. CrossFit is a combination of exercises ranging from cardiovascular, weight training, strength, and even gymnastics. The whole idea is to engage the body in various forms of physical activities that train each integral part – like the arms, legs, lungs etc. into becoming strong and healthy.

One factor that can keep you engaged in the long run is the equipment and fitness attire or clothing that you use. Again, this is not another usual gym regimen. What you wear will prop you up to do these exercises every single time. Your wardrobe must be aligned to support the objectives of your CrossFit training: comfortable, convenient, while designed to go with the flow of the exercises that are meant to help you excel in doing the ultimate workout, and not just any other same-old workout.

That brings us to the shoe that you wear in doing CrossFit. Your usual rubber shoes or sneakers just won’t cut it, not with the pressure that will be brought to bear on your legs, which will then trickle down to your ankles, heels, soles, and yes, both of your two feet. Try doing CrossFit on a sub-par pair of shoes and not only will they wear out, but they just might give way after the first two exercises. Worse, their inability to take the pressure can inadvertently make your feet take the hit, and the undue pressure can weaken them for a time, if not impact them severely.

Choosing your best CrossFit shoes

The lesson learned: always wear the best CrossFit shoes whenever you are doing CrossFit.
Take time to pick them carefully because you just might be in the training of your life. Make a point to differentiate between gender uses. CrossFit shoes for men are not the same for CrossFit shoes for women. Take that a step further and realize that the best CrossFit shoes for men are not the same for the best CrossFit shoes for women.

CrossFit shoes must provide your feet stability while you are doing some heavy lifting. They should be comfortable enough while cushioning your feet as they hit the ground every single time as you stride, sprint, and/or run. Now, as CrossFit will be making you do a lot of jumping, the best shoes for CrossFit must give you the support that you need to prevent strain on your legs and your heels.

And of course, let’s not forget financials in buying best CrossFit shoes. Ultimately, it may come down to your budget. Still, regardless of their cost, Cross training shoes are known for delivering bang for their buck. Some CrossFit shoes are more expensive than others. But do make it a point to buy them, and rein in that temptation to just pick up a traditional sneaker from the department store. Cross training shoes may cost more than the usual rubber shoes, but they are worth the investment.

Think about it this way – never compromise when it comes to your physical fitness and your health. The best cross training shoes are designed to protect your feet while empowering them to perform what some have called the best physical training you can ever hope to do. They also add more wind to your sail, in a manner of speaking, as they are geared to help you maintain balance, enhance your capacity for agility, and assist you in coordinating every movement you make with every part of your body as you do training program.

Criteria for Evaluation

1. Comfort is an important criterion and the best way to evaluate testing the different products. Comfort is evident in its overall construction, for instance, its shape, its breathability, absorptive inner sole or sock liner. No part of the shoes must cause skin irritation.
2. Support is evident in shoes that offer stability during all the various movements performed. It is more than the overall durability and design of the product and more attention must be given to the sole.
3. Protection is evident in the shoes that help the feet from being thrashed and beaten as a result of certain movements during the workout. The best way to test for protect ability is to place the product thru strenuous activities
4. Sensitivity refers how the shoe allows you to feel the ground during movements. You are fully aware where you are exerting the most pressure.
5. Weightlifting is the most significant moves among CrossFitters. Olympic weightlifting required a highly specialized design to accommodate the technical movements performed in each lift.
6. Running is the most sought after qualities of a good design exercise that includes the level of comfort, support, and flexibility. Runners need products that reinforce the form of the feet and can take in repetitive impacts.
7. Versatility means that the shoes will work for many activities involved in CrossFit as backpacking, hiking, running, etc. and stylish enough to wear outside.

The Top 5 CrossFit Shoes:

Nike MetCon 1Nike MetCon 1 (Click Here For More Information)

MetCon means metabolic conditioning for short and is Nike’s ultimate, all-purpose men’s cross-training shoe. From its flat firm heel until the grooved forefoot design, it is built to provide stability as crossfitters do climbs, flexibility on sprints and heavy lifts. It offers optimal comfort for distance runs and day-to-day strenuous activities.

Pros: Durable, Comfortable, Great looking

Cons: Not advisable for heavy weightlifting, Limited to short distance running

Criteria for Evaluation:

1. Comfort is one of its highest qualities. The shoe’s toe box is designed fairly wide, that allows room for your foot and toes to splay out while performing high impact movements.
2. Support – Although the shoes help to stabilize your foot, but there is something lacking when doing weightlifting movements, that made the shoes somewhat uncomfortable to use.
3. Protection – Nike did a great job of creating an impregnable shell. The central and horizontal sides of the shoes are both lined with a grid of hexadic rubber whose function was to guard the external mesh.
4. Sensitivity – Nike MetCon1 makes you fully aware that your foot is secure when performing quick switchbacks as running suicide sprints and others.
5. Weightlifting – MetCon1 is not good weightlifting shoes for the heels have no sturdy base to drive into, causing the shoes to squish/compress under heavy loads
6. Running – For shorter distanced running Nike MetCon 1 is fairly comfortable; however, it is not for longer distance runs as it does not have the right level of comfort and support in a running shoe.
7. Versatility – Although these shoes perform outstandingly in most crossfit activities, it is not for heavy weightlifting or longer distance running.

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As a whole, the Nike MetCon 1 is a great shoe. This is Nike’s first attempt into the shoes’ world designed for functional fitness. Since it is on its way to becoming the best shoes on the market, you will definitely want to wear one on a day-to-day basis.

Reebok Nano 3.0Reebok Nano 3.0 (Click Here For More Information)

These shoes are packed with features making them the most practical shoes on CrossFit sports market.

Pros: Versatile, Durable Comfortable

Cons: Not easily affordable

Criteria for Evaluation:

1. Comfort – One of Nano 3.0’s most distinguishing features is its wider toe box and rubber webbed toe cage. Toes are able to wiggle in the space in between that offers substantial amount of comfort.
2. Support – The perfect sole is the best support. Nano 3.0s have a 4mm heel-to-toe drop incorporated into a two-cushioning system
3. Protection – The new Nano 3.0 brought protection idea to a higher level. Material’s rigidity allows the front part of the shoe to retain its form hold while providing foot protection at the same time.
4. Sensitivity – With the flexibility of the sole and its minimalistic design, you can feel the position of the foot in the shoe, its movement and where the majority of the pressure is placed.
5. Running – These shoes give better performance in short distance runs or speed workouts rather than long distance running workouts.
6. Weightlifting – The importance on the sole design is emphasized in Nano 3.0 that could be used as a sturdy base while performing various lifts.
7. Versatility -These shoes are so versatile that you can box jump to up-downs or run to squat overhead minus the feelings that you will not be given the support and comfort you want and need.


Briefly stated Reebok’s Nano 3.0 is one of the best CrossFit shoes in the market and will definitely become your favorite shoes as it is light weight and adaptable.

New balance MX797VS

New balance MX797V2 (Click Here For More Information)

The cross-training shoes from New Balance® offers hardcore fitness enthusiast viable solution by a product that is light to help them move with confidence from one workout to the next.

Pros: Comfortable in running, Highly durable, Good for running in any kind of terrain

Cons: Has high heel to toe drop, Heavy weight

Criteria for Evaluation:

1. Comfort – It has padded collar with extra heel padding that is makes comfortable fitting at the same time while providing extra support to the Achilles heel. For more comfortable wear, the fine mesh lining lightly cushioned the footbed.
2. Support – Better breathability and support of the shoes and due to the upper honeycomb mesh with synthetic overlays.
3. Protection – It insures solid base for side-to-side or cutting movements and at the same time, it keeps the rubber in contact with the training or playing surface for traction and safer performance.
4. Sensitivity – You can feel the sole’s flexibility as the shoes follow the shape of your feet and bend with it in whatever exercise you are performing.
5. RunningNew balance MX797V2’ best feature is its design that is well- equipped for running.
6. Weightlifting – Due to lack of drop from heel-to- toe and minimal flimsy materials making up the sole, the shoes is provided with a firm foundation when squatting and Olympic lifting.
7. Versatility – These are the best running shoes of top quality shoes created for comfortable running and other actions in a CrossFitting adventure.

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For the fit of this shoe, it can accommodate medium-sized heel, mid-foot and forefoot. This is really good news for those who love running but their feet are not wide as the shoes will give you the perfect fit. Your best option is to purchase New balance MX797V2 shoes for it is worth its value.

Nike Free 5.0 V6Nike Free 5.0 V6 (Click Here For More Reviews)

Nike Free 5.0 shoes offer a natural and weightless experience during the most intense training sessions; it is the way to get a barefoot-like feel. This is a perfect combination of flexibility and support that lives up to the intensity of the hardest workouts.

Pros: Comfortable, Adequate cushioning in the underfoot, Contoured fit, Great style

Cons: It is full size smaller than marked, Poor support

Criteria for Evaluation:

1. Comfort – During extensive training seasons, your feet are ensured maximum comfort. For seamless fit, the foot is wrapped by ¾ length bootie.
2. Support – This is a perfect combination of flexibility and support that lives up to the intensity of the hardest workouts. For support and ventilation, the upper mesh is lightweight with no-sew overlays.
3. Protection – To keep your form strong, your foot is held in place by an internal support structure. Multi-directional movement is made possible by flexible hexagonal pods in the midsole.
4. SensitivityNike Free 5.0 shoes offer a natural and weightless experience during the most intense training sessions; it is the way to get a barefoot-like feel.
5. Running – One of the essential reasons why the shoes have improved in its lightness. Shoes that are not bulky leave are light and make running easier.
6. Weightlifting – These shoes provide maximum comfort and security during weight lifting and Olympic lifting activities.
7. VersatilityNike Free 5.0 shoes are versatile as it could do lots of things. Every movement during the workout is comfortable.

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You can hike anywhere wearing Nike Free 5.0 V6 is designed for road, track and gravel use since the shoes take the hard edge of the pavement through its reliable underfoot cushioning. The best buy for you money!

Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0Reebok Nano 5.0 (Click Here For More Information)

Nano 5.0 bags the Editors’ Choice Award. This is the best shoes following abrupt changes made to Nano 4.0, this version is much better.

Pros: Durable, Comfortable, Has good support, Looks great, Worthwhile featured

Cons: Too expensive

Criteria for Evaluation:

1. Comfort – The design of Reebok’s Nano 5.0 has really elevated the comfort level of the shoes. An elastic strap that runs from the inner midsole to the tongue is the new addition. It gives lighter, more secure and comfortable grip.
2. Support – A new strap on the inside of the shoe provides you with a lot of support. Sole stability is easily noticed when you drop into a squat. The sole is rigid, and allows you to concentrate your weight to whichever part of the shoe and it does not buckle down beneath you.
3. ProtectionKevlar outer mesh provides protection to your feet from the impact and intensity of the movement during a workout. Meanwhile the shoes feel lighter and thinner.
4. Sensitivity – While wearing the shoes, you are immediately aware how grippy their sole is and your feet are almost stuck to the ground after every step taken.
5. Running – Up to this time, the best running performance is attributed to Reebok’s Nano 5. Created for running, it is neither wide nor loose allowing your feet to wiggle around inside.
6. Weightlifting – The sole of the shoe really does provide you a stable base that you can perform performing squats and Olympic lifts.
7. VersatilityNano 5.0 is good for many activities as backpacking, hiking, running and other workouts. It even looks stylish and can be worn anywhere

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Reebok Nano 5.0 fits all the criteria so it is the best one for your CrossFitting event.

The right choice

Purchasing best CrossFit shoes for yourself is a good investment – when it comes to your health and your wallet. Don’t rush your choices. Take time out to do research, ask your friends, and most important, consult your trainer who is responsible for designing your training regimen. The training shoes you buy and ultimately will be wearing for the long haul must be appropriate for your own specific needs.

Endurance, durability, flexibility, and traction are the things you should always consider. Convenience and comfort are non-negotiables. Once you have selected a few brands, make sure you try them out in the department store where you are seeking to make the purchase. Feel them on your feet. Imagine wearing them as you do your exercises in the gym.

Your best CrossFit shoes should not be compared with any of your other footwear. They have to be the best kind of shoes that you should buy, your own budget allowing. They have to be the toughest and yet most comfortable footwear you wear as you enter into the toughest physical training you might have for a lifetime.